About Us

Volcano Group is a leading manufacturer of parts and components including metal and non-metal nameplates and plastic injection moulded parts. We have manufacturing facilities located in Malaysia and Thailand to serve multinational customers across various industries such as electrical and electronic, automotive, food, furniture, aerospace and label industries.

Over the years, we have established a good rapport with our long-term multinational customers and have a proven track record in the design and manufacturing of nameplates plastic injection parts that showcase our quality, reliability and service excellence.

We acknowledge that every component we manufacture appear on the surface or form part of the customer’s end product. Our research and development team strives to develop new products or processes and also proposes innovative ideas which will best suit our customers’ product branding and functionality.

Being an integrated manufacturer of parts and components including nameplates and plastic injection moulded parts, we are in a better position to provide solutions to meet our customers’ requirements as well as being able to price our products and services competitively.

Our History

The history of Volcano Group can be traced back to 1999 when our founders started a small nameplate facility in Butterworth, Penang. With the establishment of our R&D team focusing on improvising the design, reengineering of manufacturing process and introduction of cutting-edge technologies, the Group has continuously expanded to acquire customers within and outside Malaysia.

In 2004, we moved the entire production operations to our current headquarters in Perai, Penang.

Alongside support from various MNC’s, our Group expanded into Thailand’s market. In 2008, Volcano Tec (Thailand) Co., Ltd (“VTT”) was incorporated as part of Volcano Group’s expansion into Thailand to carry out the manufacturing of nameplates and plastic injection moulded parts. In line with this expansion, VTT rented a factory in Rayong, Thailand. In 2008, VTT was granted a promotion certificate by the Board Of Investment (“BOI”).

In 2011, due to the growing local and international demand for our products, we moved our operations in Thailand to our current manufacturing plant which is 3 times larger than the previous rented property.

Over the years, Volcano Group’s staff has grown from 4 to over 300 employees and has evolved from a small manufacturer to a group of companies across Malaysia and Thailand. In recognition of our consistency in producing and delivering quality products, we have been awarded ISO quality certifications.


Volcano Group’s vision is encapsulated in our motto ‘The Brand Behind All Brands”.

It is our vision to become the leading brand that supports global brands in achieving their vision by leveraging on our commitment to quality products, innovative solutions, latest technology and value creation.


Volcano Group symbolises Quality, Innovation, Technology and Value Creation. We are fully committed to these values which shape the way we conduct our business for our stakeholders including customers, suppliers and employees as well as for the parts and components manufacturing industry in which we operate in.

Quality Products

Brands are associated with quality. At Volcano Group, we employ stringent quality assurance and control systems. We have been awarded accreditations such as ISO quality certifications in recognition of our consistency in producing and delivering quality products to our customers.

Innovative Solutions

We provide innovative solutions to transform our customers’ concepts into reality in a cost-effective manner. We conduct continuous development for our production processes to achieve higher efficiency in terms of time and cost.

Latest Technologies

We continuously adapt to new technologies in response to changing customer requirements, evolving industry standards, new product innovations and enhancements.

Value Creation

We create sustainable value for our customers and employees. At Volcano Group, we strive to deliver greater value with competitive pricing to meet demands of our customers. We are also committed to provide a conducive environment for long-term career development of our employees.

Our Philosophy

As a leading manufacturer of parts and components used in the electrical and electronic and automotive industries such as metal and non-metal nameplates and plastic injection moulded parts for branding and/or product information and identification, we strive to leverage on our technology, technical competencies and cutting-edge equipment to provide innovative solutions to enhance your brand presence.

Our Values

Learning Organization

To encourage and promote learning within the organization by improving and enhancing the skills and knowledge of the workforce. With this, the potential of our workforce is maximised to achieve the long-term career goals.

The Sky’s the Limit

To continue growing as an innovative and dedicated manufacturer of nameplates and plastic injection moulded parts that provides innovative solutions to meet customer expectations.


To practice good communication among team members and to always work together in achieving the best results.

Honesty and Integrity

To work in an ethical manner and practice transparency at all times.